5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney in Michigan

April 7, 2021

Bankruptcy is a difficult process, and you certainly don’t need an incompatible lawyer making it any harder for you.

For many Attorney James. L Gutting clients, a lawyer who understands their situation, carries vast experience, and has refined expertise has been crucial for ensuring a well-handled case.

That’s why we thought we’d share some questions you can ask before hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Michigan, so you can see if they should be the one handling your case.

1. Have you handled cases similar to mine?

The first thing you’ll want to know is if the attorney’s experience reflects your current needs. Their response to the question above gives you a clear picture of that.

You may also ask about the exact circumstances of the clients the attorney worked with.

Ideally, your lawyer should be able to give detail on specific cases, demonstrating how their expertise fits your situation.

2. Is filing for bankruptcy my only option?

Before you go any further, it’s highly advisable to make sure you’ve considered all the options available to you.

Filing for bankruptcy carries consequences for your credit score (for seven to 10 years) and other things like insurance rates. It’s important to seriously consider if there are other options.

A bankruptcy attorney can help you explore other possibilities for overcoming financial difficulties, such as renegotiating with your major creditors.

3. What type of bankruptcy should I file for?

At this point, you’ve probably done some research and weighed your options to see which type of bankruptcy is right for you.

But any attorney you’re considering should be able to tell you whether, from a legal standpoint, it’s the best decision.

There are two available options for bankruptcies.

Chapter 7 is liquidation bankruptcy, meaning you’ll have to sell all your non-exempt assets so you can pay off your creditors.

Chapter 13 is a form of reorganization. Your debts can be restructured to facilitate a more manageable payment plan.

After an assessment of your assets, liabilities, and general financial situation, a bankruptcy attorney in Michigan can advise you on the most appropriate form of bankruptcy for you.

4. Will you appear with me in court?

Like many people who file for bankruptcy, you may be finding the eventual court appearance most nerve-wracking of all.

When you start speaking with a bankruptcy attorney in Michigan, ask them if they’ll be making the appearance with you.

Having your lawyer next to you during this time can add to your confidence and peace and mind. It’s also a way of making sure you don’t fall foul of any court rules or do something that may misrepresent your position.

5. How much will this process cost me?

It can give you added reassurance to know how much working with a bankruptcy attorney is going to cost. It will help you know what to expect.

While they may not be able to provide a definitive amount because cases vary, you must at least be able to get a rough estimate.

Ideally, it will factor in court and administration expenses, filing costs, and attorney fees.

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