Benefits of working with an expert bankruptcy attorney in Flint, MI

September 7, 2020

If you’re thinking of filing for bankruptcy, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Meanwhile, debt collectors might be harassing you while you try to figure out the next steps. Working with an expert attorney can give you peace of mind during this complicated legal process.

James L. Gutting, an expert bankruptcy attorney in Flint, MI, has helped people just like you start fresh after successfully discharging their debt. Our law firm is sharing the top reasons why you should work with an expert when filing for bankruptcy:

1. An expert will help you choose the best type of bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a way to legally discharge some or all of your debt, but there are many different ways to accomplish this. Most people take one of the following paths:

  • Chapter 7: With this option, the court will oversee the process of liquidation. This means you will need to sell off any assets (including stocks and bonds) in order to pay off your debts.
  • Chapter 13: Many people find Chapter 13 bankruptcy to be an ideal option, especially for those who earn a regular income. Also known as a “wage earner’s plan,” Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to pay off debt using a payment plan.

Since everyone’s financial situation is different, choosing the right path is key in allowing you to successfully discharge your debt, start fresh, and keep as many assets as possible. An expert bankruptcy attorney in Flint, MI, will know exactly which of these options would be best for you.

2. You’ll have someone to negotiate on your behalf

Your creditors likely have legal teams that specifically deal with bankruptcies. Are you prepared to take on experienced attorneys yourself, or would you rather have an attorney of your own who can negotiate on your behalf?

When working with an expert, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that someone is protecting your rights and interests throughout the entire process. An expert can skillfully negotiate with creditors and attempt to reduce the total amount due. If you choose to go it alone, you may miss the opportunity to negotiate more favorable terms.

3. You can avoid legal and administrative mistakes

There is more to bankruptcy than just filing the initial petition. You’ll have to attend various court hearings, file additional documents, comply with procedural requirements, and much more. A minor mistake can jeopardize the success of your entire case.

This is another reason why working with an expert is best. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can manage this process with ease, attend hearings on your behalf, and ensure all legal requirements are met when dealing with the court.

4. You’ll get valuable post-bankruptcy help

A bankruptcy expert can help you long after your bankruptcy has been finalized. They’ll provide you with resources about how to take control of your finances, and explain how to rebuild your credit in the most responsible way.

This is a major advantage, because you may find it difficult to get approved for loans or open new bank accounts with a bankruptcy on your record. A bankruptcy expert can also resolve residual legal issues, such as dealing with creditors who are attempting to collect debt that was discharged.

Speak to an expert bankruptcy attorney in Flint, MI

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bankruptcy attorney in Flint, MI, shares why you should work with an expert