3 situations that require a bankruptcy lawyer

February 2, 2021

If you have to file for bankruptcy, you might think you can do it alone. You might think a bankruptcy lawyer is just one more expense. But the truth is hiring a bankruptcy attorney is securing that fresh start and second chance you’re looking for. Because, like all legal proceedings, filing for bankruptcy is complicated and nuanced. And, if you’re inexperienced in the legal minutiae of such a situation, you can end up doing yourself more harm than good.

And with me, Attorney James L. Guttig, I promise to be the shovel that’ll dig your way out. Because I’m an experienced attorney, and I have a track record of proven success helping people in the Flint, MI, and Corunna, MI, areas file for bankruptcy. But, most importantly, I believe everyone deserves a second chance. And second chances are exactly what I supply. So, without further ado, here are 3 situations that require a bankruptcy lawyer.

When you’re out of your element

This situation is already stressful enough. And, the truth is, doing it alone will only compound your stress. But not hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can have even more serious consequences. Especially if you’re inexperienced in law, this can exacerbate your situation.

What I mean is there are multitudes of details you have to consider. And a good bankruptcy lawyer will inform you of what financial data you need to provide. Whether it’s about your debts, income, expenses, or even recent transactions, it’s almost impossible for a civilian to understand exactly what their case requires.

But, most importantly, there will be plenty of times where omitting information, whether intentional or unintentional, can incur the penalty of perjury. This can have serious, legal ramifications. A good bankruptcy attorney, like myself, will know what you have to supply. I can guide you through evaluating your assets, income, tax returns and much, much more.

When you don’t know how to handle creditors

It’s almost impossible to handle creditors without a bankruptcy lawyer to mediate. They’re predatory, and what’s worse is they know how little you know. For example, creditors will often violate what’s known as automatic stay. This is an injunctive order that forbids them from collecting after you’ve filed your case.

A good bankruptcy attorney can demand that they adhere to this order, and they can even pursue legal action against them to get them to stop. These nuances aren’t easily understood by the average person, and you need someone in your corner like myself who will ensure such violations aren’t tolerated and your inexperience isn’t exploited.

But, just as importantly, it’ll be difficult to negotiate with a creditor without a bankruptcy lawyer to mediate. Bankruptcy lawyers will be able to help you negotiate and ensure you get everything you can out of your situation, and they’ll ensure creditors don’t take advantage of you.

When you have valuable property

Without a bankruptcy lawyer, you can lose valuable property that could have been protected with legal counsel. For example, if you’re paying a mortgage, bankruptcy lawyers can help you keep your home when facing foreclosure. They can even help you keep your car.

When you have other such valuables and can’t afford to lose them, a bankruptcy attorney is your best bet. The average person has no idea of all the possibilities and opportunities available to them when they’re facing bankruptcy.

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A good bankruptcy lawyer povides critical counsel to ensure you get the clean slate you're looking for.